KUPTAM.PL auction system

A system for dedicated auctions is a simple, functional and modern solution enabling the sale and purchase of goods through auctions or direct purchases within a closed group of users (eg employees and / or customers). It is a modern e-commerce solution.

The business value delivered with the system

  • Income from disposal of unneeded equipment or depreciated fixed assets / products.
  • Reducing the costs of storage and disposal of the goods.
  • Customer satisfaction with bargain purchases.
  • Minimizing the costs associated with managing auctions.
Internal auctions for the company

Features that make KUPTAM.PL solution stand out

  • Simplicity and transparency of functionality.
  • Attractive graphic layout.
  • Very fast issuing of items on auctions.
  • Launching in a web browser (website).
  • Suitable for use on mobile devices without the need to install a dedicated application.
  • Very fast implementation in the enterprise for the target groups of users.

Basic functionalities

  • Placing the goods for bidding or with the “buy now” option.
  • Shopping basket.
  • Email notifications.
  • Shopping history.
  • Reporting of sales and purchases.
Portal for dedicated auctions Find out more about the system by going to www.internalbid.com or contact us.


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