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INNOKREA was established in 2017. We have already built our professional experience for several years by implementing various types of IT, implementation and consulting projects. We managed various types of structures and organizations.

Our current team consists of great people, full of passion and willingness to create modern IT solutions. Currently, we work with over 25 developers creating dedicated systems, web and mobile applications (for iOS and Android).

We work with clients from various industries and regions of the globe. Our clients are global concerns as well as local innovative companies - we value and support all of them in the implementation of their business goals.

We work openly with various partners and competitors. We are particularly pleased with the cooperation within the Polytechnic Business Club of PKB+, the CIEPLO.IT platform and Pomeranian Employers.

We challenge difficult IT deployments.

As INNOKREA, we specialize in working on demanding implementations. We are an IT company focused on providing optimal IT solutions that meet the expectations of our clients. We adhere to the principle that only what is necessary and nothing else should be programmed in the application. As a result, our clients receive optimal solutions in terms of cost and functionality.

Good team. Great minds.

We focus on finding the best people to work with. We set the bar high and we are always ready to take on the challenge.

Tomasz Klajbor, Innokrea, CEO

Tomasz Klajbor


Our team and our solutions are INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE. Thanks to cooperation with us, your company will increase its competitiveness and achieve its business goals.

Adam Barzowski, Innokrea, CTO

Adam Barzowski


In Innokrea we believe that continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.

Monika Trzecinska, Innokrea, Quality Manager

Monika Trzecinska

Quality Manager

Quality is our way of thinking. It is not only tests, but also a good understanding of the client, constant search for the best solutions, operation in accordance with the ISO 9001 certificate. Direction QUALITY is in our hearts!

Joanna Kaminska, Innokrea, HR Manager

Joanna Kaminska

HR Manager

The core of HR activities for me is to understand them as "human relations". And Innokrea is all about relationships, openness and trust. These are the values on which we build our team.

Wiktoria Mizera, Innokrea, Business Relation Manager

Wiktoria Mizera

Business Relation Manager

We create lasting relationships that lead to the success of our business partners, while having a keen understanding of their needs and tailoring our operations to meet their expectations.

Innokrea Team
Innokrea Team
Innokrea Team
Innokrea Team
Innokrea Team
Innokrea Team

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How do we implement our vision?

It is a pleasure to cooperate with us.

The whole team and each of us take care of a good atmosphere of friendly cooperation.

Mutual respect, honesty and trust are the basis of our actions.

We approach all our challenges creatively.

We adapt agile to the needs and processes of our clients.

We are always looking for the best solutions.

We use modern and stable technologies and tools.

We react quickly to changing project’s requirements.

We are open to cooperation with various companies and institutions.

We deal with the project comprehensively (from idea to implementation).

Interesting projects drive us to continuous development and innovation.

We respect the diversity and uniqueness of our clients.


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    At INNOKREA, we take pride in crafting bespoke solutions and custom software tailored to our clients' unique needs. With a team of over 25 skilled engineers proficient in 100+ technologies, we ensure top-notch quality, earning the trust of 100+ clients worldwide, all backed by our ISO 9001 badge of excellence. At our core, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of product engineering, delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive success for businesses across industries.

    Tomasz Klajbor, CEO at INNOKREA

    Tomasz Klajbor