Internal sales of depreciated electronic equipment at the Bank

Industry: e-commerce trade
Country: Poland
Technologies: JavaScript PostgreSQL Python React TypeScript
Scope: integrations mobile application web application

Santander Bank Polska SA – a universal bank with its registered office in Warsaw. The third bank in Poland in terms of the value of assets and the third in terms of the number of branches. Since 2011, it has been part of the Spanish Santander Group.


SANTANDER Bank’s main challenge was to develop an effective internal sales channel for depreciated electronic equipment. It was necessary to create a process that not only ensured the efficient sale of used equipment, but also provided the bank’s employees with a convenient and easy way to acquire fully valuable items at low prices. In addition, it was necessary to ensure that the entire process was clear and easy to use to encourage users to actively participate.


Santander Bank has decided to introduce an integrated internal sales process on the platform. This process involves several stages – from loading data into the auction system, through pre-emption for employees, to public auctions for other users. The advanced sales process integrated with Santander Bank’s Active Directory and Remedy systems made it possible to automate many processes, such as generating offers or reporting results, which made the entire process much easier to manage.

The figure below presents a generalized diagram of the agreed business process aimed at the Bank’s internal sales.

overall sales process

A generalized process consists of,, the following elements.

Loading Hardware Data:

  • An employee of an external company prepares a summary of computer hardware data, e.g. description, attributes.
  • The IT administrator loads the data into the system, receiving feedback and correcting the data if necessary.


  • The user/employee of the Bank receives an offer (limited time) of pre-emption of the used equipment.
  • Once the offer is accepted, an automatic agreement is generated.

“Public” sale:

  • If the user does not take advantage of the first refusal, the equipment goes to the general pool of sales for employees.
  • Auctions in this pool are available to other employees as “buy now”.

Preparing Your Computer:

  • After confirming the purchase in the system by a BANK employee, a special e-mail is generated, allowing for automatic sending of a notification to the REMEDY notification system.
  • The service technician is instructed to prepare the computer, e.g. by wiping the data.


  • The system allows you to automatically generate cyclical sales reports (e.g. the number of auctions entered in the previous period and since the beginning of the campaign, the number of items sold).

Business effect

The implementation of the internal sales process has brought a number of benefits to Bank Santander.

  • Avoid the unnecessary cost of disposing of depreciated computer equipment.
  • Generate additional revenue from the disposal of unnecessary equipment.
  • Strengthening employee satisfaction with bargain purchases of high-value equipment.

The bank’s internal sales process is also in line with the idea of sustainable development – it allows for extending the life cycle of electronic equipment, which reduces the generation of waste and reduces the impact on the natural environment. The Bank’s profit from the sale is donated to charity.

Santander silentclicks

system users

reduced handling time
of the sales process

months of preparation
for implementation

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We were persuaded to cooperate by INNOKREA's high engineering competence and many years of experience in the development and implementation of IT solutions. The INNOKREA team showed great commitment and the skills needed to complete the project. We recommend INNOKREA for demanding IT projects where time, problem-solving skills and the experience of a competent engineering team count.

Michał Behan

Head of IT Operations, Santander Bank Polska

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