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Industry: electronics research and development
Country: Poland
Technologies: .NET C++/C# Xamarin
Scope: desktop application embedded software mobile application
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Digital Signature

Digital Signature is a technology start-up dealing with the development and implementation of modern biometric solutions.


Digital Signature is a technology company that develops biometric solutions. One of them is a biometric pen that uses advanced electronics to collect various characteristics that allow for the unambiguous identification of the user’s signature. Digital Signature was looking for a business partner who would support the company in implementing a prototype of this device.


At the beginning of cooperation, INNOKREA analyzed the requirements and available documentation of the electronic part of the biometric pen. In consultation with the client, we proposed writing dedicated software that allows signing contracts in electronic form using a tablet and the biometric pen.

As part of the project, a number of tests of various devices were carried out, a special mobile application for tablets was created and many additional engineering problems resulting from the interface between hardware and software were solved.

Business effect

The prepared prototype allowed Digital Signature to present a biometric pen prototype in a real business application, meeting the expectations of technology recipients.

The project was also profitable from a financial perspective. By creating a prototype solution, initial development expenses were significantly reduced because it was enough to build a basic version of the hardware and applications.

The reduced complexity also resulted in a relatively short preparation time for the finished solution. The focus was on developing basic functions and functionalities, which enabled earlier launch and initiation of the process of verifying the business hypotheses.


built-in sensors
into the biometric pen

R&D employees
cooperating on the project

tested tablet

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Nothing is impossible for the INNOKREA Team. They are happy to undertake difficult and innovative projects. Particularly valuable is the consistency with which INNOKREA strived to create a "tailor-made" solution that perfectly matched our business strategy.

Katarzyna Michalak-Magda

President of the Management Board, Digital Signature Sp. z o.o.

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