Shabodi and INNOKREA partnership for telehealth

Industry: medical
Country: Canada
Technologies: Java React Native Spring
Scope: integrations mobile application
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Shabodi finds uses for advanced networks (LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi6, 6G). Its groundbreaking, first-to-market Application Enablement Platform (AEP) enables enterprises, system integrators and application providers to create vendor-independent applications that support the network using APIs.


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Shabodi, a provider of network-enabled applications, has teamed up with INNOKREA, a specialist in solving challenging IT implementations, to enable seamless telemedicine through an application that takes into account network conditions during medical operations (application name: “Network-Aware Surgery”). The built application – on the Shabodi Application Enablement Platform system – by managing network parameters, allows simultaneous effective remote physician advice during surgical procedures.

New approach to telehealth and remote surgery

Telehealth is the new norm, especially in the post COVID-19 world, and its use has increased nearly 40 times in the past three years. Traditional boundaries in healthcare are disappearing with remote care, expert medical care and even remote surgery.

Healthcare as a critical sector (and especially telehealth) needs highly reliable network resources. Traditional hospital networks are segmented, but still operate on the basis of the best services available at any given time. This means that all applications use the network as a simple communication channel regardless of urgency or use case. This approach has limitations because applications do not recognize the network and do not prioritize communications and connectivity based on application use cases. In critical healthcare scenarios (e.g., during surgery), this approach leads to delays and inefficiencies, and can even be life-threatening. And this is where Shabodi and INNOKREA step in with solutions.


“Application sensitive for medical operations”: how does it work?

The partners used in the project Shabodi’s Application Enablement Platform (AEP) and a mobile calendar management application developed by INNOKREA to provide high-quality network communication during operations.

Here’s how each step of the application works:

  1. Scheduling operations: INNOKREA’s calendar app schedules the operation date by sending control messages to the AEP Shabodi system. This reserves the necessary network resources for remote guidance from medical experts to live surgeons during the scheduled operation.
  2. Before surgery: The video stream runs at maximum efficiency, using the network like any other application.
  3. During surgery: Shabodi AEP reallocates network resources to ensure proper quality of service (QoS) parameters. This guarantees real-time interactions and flawless communication between the remote expert and the surgeon.
  4. After surgery: AEP Shabodi restores the network to “best operation mode,” restoring the original operating room settings. The INNOKREA application updates the statuses of the released resources.

Ultimately, this process enables a stable video connection throughout the operation, enabling uninterrupted remote consulting, an important aspect of modern surgical practices.

Business effect

Healthcare transformation with network-enabled applications

With the developed application, Shabodi and INNOKREA are setting a new standard in healthcare. Our innovative approach improves the efficiency, reliability and effectiveness of remote surgical counseling by harnessing the potential of web applications and advanced networks for life-saving scenarios.

Telehealth is no longer just a concept; it is a reality that is changing the medical field. And through such collaboration, patients and healthcare professionals can look to a future in which technology will serve them in ways previously unimagined.

More about the Shabodi AEP platform can be found at this link.

reduced time to deliver
a complete solution

solution integration cost

12 weeks
solution implementation time

Contact us to learn more about how our partnership can strengthen your advanced network (for previously underserved mission-critical use cases).


Three teams on three continents worked on the project. We managed to complete the entire project remotely within the estimated time and budget. I appreciate cooperation with INNOKREA not only for their technical knowledge, but also for creative idea generation and business consulting. The programmers not only delivered a high-quality application, but also took care of the entire project to make it practical and useful. INNOKREA is the perfect partner for cooperation!

Charles Nagy

SVP of Business Development, Shabodi

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