Biometric access control system


  • electronics
  • security systems


  • Poland


  • .NET
  • C++/C#
  • RAbbitMQ
  • WPF


  • desktop application
  • embedded software
  • integrations
  • server application

The basic activity of Microsystem is the design, installation and commissioning of electronic security systems as well as servicing of systems and devices.


Microsystem approached INNOKREA with a proposal to prepare and implement software to support existing access control systems. Microsystem had prototype algorithms for analyzing facial biometrics, which required modification and implementation in the target solution. In this regard, INNOKREA’s support was needed to prepare an application that would meet the business requirements for a modern security system.


As part of the cooperation, in the first step the functional specification and architecture for the new system were developed. Once this scope of work was agreed, the preparation of graphic designs for the application screens proceeded. The next step was to proceed with programming work.

It was agreed that the project would be implemented in the so-called agile methodology. Key people from the project team met regularly and, among other things, agreed on the scope of work for the next iteration of the project (the so-called sprint) and discussed current challenges.
As part of the implementation of the programming work, a server application and two client applications were developed in C++/C# technologies (one dedicated to the registration of facial biometric samples and the other serving as a reader/verifier). The entire system allowed in general:

  • Registering facial biometric samples and granting permissions.
  • Verifying a person’s authorization to enter a given room.
  • Opening the door if the person is correctly verified and permissions are confirmed.
Project in numbers:

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Business effect

Implementation at the end customer allowed the launch of an access control system based on biometric analysis of employees’ faces.

The advantages of the implemented solution include:

  • Enhanced security: Facial recognition provides an additional layer of security over traditional access methods such as key cards or passwords. Faces are unique and difficult to reproduce, reducing the risk of unauthorized access through theft or sharing of credentials.
  • Non-invasive and touchless: Facial recognition is a contactless biometric method, which means that users do not have to physically interact with devices such as fingerprint scanners or keyboards. This reduces the risk of germ transmission, making it especially important in a post-pandemic world.
  • Relatively low maintenance costs: Unlike card-based systems, facial recognition does not require physical tokens that can be lost, damaged or stolen. This reduces the administrative burden of replacing lost cards and maintaining equipment.
  • Speed and convenience: Facial recognition authentication is fast and natural. Users simply look at the camera and the system is able to identify them almost immediately, reducing the time needed for authentication.

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Georgis Bogdanis, President of the Management Board, MICROSYSTEM Sp. z o. o.

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