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Lingaro sp. z o.o. – a Polish company providing IT services. Established on 22 September 2005 in Warsaw. The company employs around 1,500 specialists in Poland and abroad. The company implements data management and presentation solutions. It also specialises in modern technologies such as Data Science, AI and e-commerce.


Lingaro’s main challenge was to provide an efficient auction channel for the sale of depreciated computer equipment to the company’s employees. Lingaro needed a tool to introduce a lengthy recommerce* process to give old equipment new life.

*Recommerce is the practice of buying and selling used (fully valuable) goods through an e-commerce platform set up just for this purpose.


LINGARO has decided to use the internal sales platform

Lingaro’s sales are organised for the company’s Polish branch and bring together around 800 people willing to buy depreciated electronic equipment. They take place twice a year: in September under the name ‘Back to school’ and in December as ‘Winter auctions’. The auctions are ‘public’ for all employees who have access to them.

The diagram above illustrates the general course of the sales process at Lingaro. An IT specialist is appointed within the company, responsible for the comprehensive sales process. Their tasks include preparing the equipment with photographs and descriptions, and then placing the auction in the system. After the auction is over (in the case of purchase), the specialist prepares the equipment for delivery, usually in the form of personal collection (or in exceptional situations – shipping). After finalizing the process, such a person also generates sales reports.

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by platform, Lingaro also decided to have an additional furniture sale while relocating the office.

Project in numbers:

saved for the

pieces of equipment
annually in
employee sales

Over 58k EUR
income per year
from sold equipment
and furniture

Business effect

The implemented Recommerce process is in line with the idea of sustainable development. It extends the life cycle of electronic equipment, which reduces waste generation and reduces the burden on the environment. The production of 1 new laptop generates an estimated carbon footprint of at least 200 kilograms of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), so reusing 450 laptops for private purposes (rather than disposing of them) saves an estimated 90 tonnes of CO2e for the environment.  

In addition, the implementation of employee sales allowed Lingaro to:

  • Avoid the unnecessary cost of disposing of depreciated computer equipment.
  • Generate additional revenue from the disposal of unnecessary equipment.
  • Strengthen employee satisfaction with bargain purchases of high-value equipment.

What’s more, the sale of furniture among employees allowed to solve the problem of furniture disposal in an effective and efficient way, while generating additional revenue of approx. 4.700 EUR for the company. enabled the company to organize furniture sales quickly and easily, providing employees with the opportunity to purchase items at reasonable prices while benefiting the company.

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Working with INNOKREA has been a positive experience for Lingaro. Their fast, professional and reliable implementation of the auction platform met our expectations. The seamless integration allowed our team to navigate and use the platform without the need for extensive training. We recommend working with INNOKREA to anyone looking for a top-notch auction solution.

Artur Placha, IT & Security Director at Lingaro

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