Software for testing systems that determine routes and fares for passengers

Industry: mobility public transportation
Country: Germany
Technologies: Docker MongoDB NestJS React TypeScript
Scope: console application web application
Scheidt & Bachmann

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The growing public transport market requires mobile applications not only to be precise but also to be able to adapt to the changing needs of users. Developers are tasked with constantly improving their products to provide travelers with convenience and time savings. Our client was looking for a solution to test advanced scenarios simulating passengers travel around Germany.


To meet the changing needs of the public transport sector, we have developed specialized software for testing systems that determine routes and passenger fares – the Test Tool. The tool is designed for navigation app developers looking for ways to improve and increase the accuracy of their services.

The application offers the ability to create advanced test scenarios, taking into account various travel conditions. This allows you to check how the application behaves in practice. Test results are provided in the form of detailed reports to help you quickly identify and fix potential problems. We offer both web and console versions of our software, adapting to the preferences of developers.

Business effect

Our testing software enables developers to efficiently create tests for transportation applications, helping with route optimization and fare analysis. This makes it possible to simulate different travel conditions, ensuring that the final application is best suited to the actual needs of users.

The implementation brought several advantages, including:

  1. Accuracy and Efficiency: Automated testing software can simulate a wide range of scenarios and conditions much more quickly and accurately than manual testing methods. This helps in ensuring that the route and fare calculations are accurate under various conditions, thus improving the reliability of the system.
  2. Cost Reduction: While there might be an initial investment in the testing software, over time, automated testing can significantly reduce the costs associated with manual testing processes, such as labor costs. It also helps in reducing the costs related to errors that might occur due to inadequate testing, such as revenue losses from fare calculation mistakes.
  3. Scalability: Software testing solutions can easily be scaled to test a wide range of scenarios, including peak times, special fares, and changes in routes or pricing structures. This scalability ensures that the system remains robust and reliable as it grows and evolves.
  4. Risk Mitigation: Implementing testing software helps in identifying and mitigating potential risks before they impact passengers. By catching issues early, transit authorities can avoid the negative consequences of system failures, such as customer dissatisfaction and financial losses.
  5. Compliance and Regulation: Testing ensures that the route and fare systems comply with relevant regulations and standards. This is crucial for avoiding legal issues and fines, and for maintaining the service's credibility and reputation.
  6. Data-Driven Insights: Automated testing tools often come with analytics and reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into system performance and usage patterns. This data can be used to make informed decisions about system improvements and optimizations.
  7. Continuous Improvement: Automated testing can be integrated into the continuous development and deployment pipelines, allowing for ongoing testing and improvements. This continuous integration approach ensures that the system remains up-to-date with the latest features and fixes, leading to a more robust and reliable service.

In summary, implementing software for testing passenger route and fare systems not only enhances the efficiency and reliability of the system but also provides a better experience for users, reduces operational costs, and facilitates continuous improvement and compliance with regulations.

Testing tool

> 1000
ton CO2e
saved thanks to simulated train journeys

4 weeks
time to create a console application from scratch

with external systems

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This is already our next project carried out in collaboration with INNOKREA and we are consistently pleased with the results we have achieved. The tool was delivered on time and in the best quality, which is why we strongly recommend working with INNOKREA.

Georg Pomp

Head of Business Development, Scheidt & Bachmann

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