The digitization of a company's processes allows it to keep up with economic changes. The use of modern technology, which provides greater efficiency and better systematization of the information needed also helps automate time-consuming processes, reduce costs and improve security. It pays to know what steps to take to make your company more innovative and efficient. Read the article to find out: 

  • What is the purpose of digitizing a company's processes? 
  • Who should benefit from digitizing a company's processes? 
  • What are the stages of implementing process digitization in a company? 

What is the purpose of process digitization in a company? 

Digitization of processes affects the overall operations of a company. Process digitization is a tool for streamlining and optimizing business processes, although it is not an end in itself. Keeping up with the ever-changing needs of consumers is more efficient, making the company ready to respond flexibly to changes. As a result of implementing process digitization, a company can grow faster and increase its competitiveness. Taking advantage of the possibilities of technology can protect the company from crisis, open the business to new opportunities and develop a quality advantage in the market. 

Who should benefit from digitizing a company's processes? 

Digitization of processes is dedicated to companies that want to organize documentation and increase their capabilities and the efficiency of their employees. The rapid progress and development of new technologies requires organizations and their stakeholders to take their innovation potential, to a new level in order to increase their ability to achieve competitive advantage. By digitizing processes, the number of repetitive and monotonous activities performed by employees is minimized. 

What are the stages of implementing process digitization in a company? 

Digitizing processes requires the right strategy and resources. Support and knowledge from an experienced partner is essential. At INNOKREA, the implementation of digitization in a company consists of 3 stages. 

Stage 1: Free consultation. At this stage, an important role is played by a mutual understanding of the company's processes and identification of areas requiring technical improvements. 

Stage 2: Optimization study. The result of this stage is a prepared functional specification and architecture for the new system. 

Stage 3: Implementation of digital process. Implementation of the established goals and adaptation in the company. See case-study


Digitization of processes involves the introduction of technological solutions in various areas of activity in a company. With the right strategy and implementation of new solutions, the company becomes more efficient and competitive in the market.

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