The concept of Industry 4.0, which is closely tied to the digitization of processes, leads to revolutionary developments when combined with technical advancements. Considering the introduction of digitization in manufacturing processes, it is necessary to consider the pros and cons. There are technologies on the market that help manufacturing companies improve operational efficiency while reducing operating costs and capital expenditures, but most manufacturing companies see the swaps as a burden. Read the article to learn about the pros and cons of digitization in manufacturing processes, and how to prepare your company for the change.

What are the benefits of digitization in manufacturing?

Manufacturing companies are using advanced technologies such as AI, robotics, machine learning, IoR and other data analysis tools to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs. The implementation of new technologies is affecting the reorganization of every part of the manufacturing value chain, from R&D, supply chain and factory operations to marketing, sales and services.

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What are the downsides of introducing digitization into production?

Most of the widely available material refers to the benefits of introducing digitization. However, it is worth looking at the big picture. There is a risk that IT infrastructure could be breached and sensitive data stolen, that manufacturing operations could be sabotaged, or that the supply chain could be disrupted. The impact of cyberattacks can be very devastating for a manufacturing company, as all production can come to a halt. Another downside is that combining several systems, finding the right technology partner and changing the organizational culture, are not easy or cheap solutions. Implementing new technologies is expensive. The benefits are visible only after a long time.

How to prepare for the digitization of production processes?

Before implementing digitization into your manufacturing processes, you need to understand your business goals and industry challenges. Implementing new solutions will involve working with specialists in the field. To realize the benefits of digitizing manufacturing processes, you will need to invest in the right technologies and secure IT systems.


Digitization of manufacturing processes has emerged as one of the most important trends in the industry. Change brings both benefits and risks. It is worthwhile to be aware of them. Increasing operational efficiency and operating costs with new technologies requires adequate protection against cyberattacks.