The goal of every company is to operate efficiently to meet customer needs. The amount of complexity and intricacy of various processes within an organization causes chaos and disorganization. It is crucial that business processes run smoothly and efficiently. In this article, you will learn how to optimize your business processes using the process mapping method to increase the efficiency of your organization.  

What exactly are business processes, and how should they be designed?

A business process is a set of tasks or activities performed simultaneously or sequentially by people or computer systems within an organization. Business processes add value to the organization and help achieve business goals. For an organization to operate effectively, all business processes should have a clearly established framework. A structured process consists of activities that are situated in time and space. Each business process should be an element of the organizational structure.

What is the business process mapping method? 

The business process mapping method involves identifying how an organization operates. Everything that happens in the different parts of the company is defined by the processes operating within them and their interrelationships. By using the mapping method, processes are reviewed. Process gaps, bottlenecks, and places where processes are duplicated, unnecessarily involving limited company resources, are discovered. As a result of process mapping, a clear picture is created to help manage effectively and create space for productivity growth. Information is gathered through interview, observation or process documentation available in the organization.

What can be learned through process mapping? 

During business process mapping, we get information about processes in the company that are inefficient and should be optimized. Typically, we get information about the difference between the declared process flow and its actual result. During process mapping, all the inefficiency problems come to the surface. Business process mapping is the foundation for optimization and improvements in a company. Knowing the problems in the processes, we can proceed to eliminate them or improve their speed and efficiency.  


Business process mapping is the start to increasing efficiency, freeing up resources and eliminating bottlenecks in the organization. Controlling the business processes that occur helps you manage your business effectively. 


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