Our mission

We are an IT company focused on providing optimal solutions which meet expectations of our clients. Working previously in corporations and large enterprises, we saw “beautiful” implementations, which turned out to be a total disaster due to, among others, complexity of projects and requirements. We adhere to a principle that only what is necessary (and nothing more) in the application must be programmed.

As a result, our clients receive optimal solutions in terms of cost and functionality. According to our managerial experience, we created and streamlined many business processes, we know how important daily activities and user experience from using the application are. Users of our applications receive tools optimized in terms of functionality – simple, transparent, available on any device from web browsers and/or as dedicated mobile application.

Our team and our solutions are characterized by INNOVATION and CREATIVITY. Thanks to cooperation with us, your company will increase its competitiveness and achieve its business goals.

About us

We have been building our professional experience for over a dozen years implementing various types of IT, development and consulting projects. In the portfolio of our successes we have noted, among others:
  • implementation of enterprise management systems (ERP),
  • deployment of customer relationship management systems (CRM),
  • implementation of a business intelligence solutions (BI),
  • implementation of work force management systems (WFM),
  • construction and migration of server rooms and many more.

At the same time, we managed various types of teams, structures and organizations.

We are proud that the solutions we offer find interest in the market. Our main product is a dedicated auction system (kuptam.pl). We also offer our own client relationship management system (CRM) that allows you to effectively manage sales of a small and medium sized company. Apart from that, we create software for specific customer requirements.

From the technological side, we specialize in creating applications launched in web browsers (so-called web applications) and mobile applications (for Android and iOS). Although we know that technologies are not important (as long as they meet business requirements), it is thanks to that we offer to our client a cost-optimal solution (also in terms of their further maintenance). The projects we are currently implementing focus on the use of technologies such as PHP, Python, WordPress, Django, PostgreSQL, React Native and others.

We cooperate with various partners in an open manner. We are particularly pleased with the cooperation with Bilander P211 Polish Heat Engineering Chamber of Commerce as part of the Cieplo.it project – a platform offered for companies from the heating industry. We are a member of the Employers of Pomerania Association and the Gdansk University of Technology Business Club (PKB+).


Innokrea Sp. z o.o.

ul. Leborska 3b
80-386 Gdansk, Poland
ul. Malachowskiego 5
80-262 Gdansk, Poland


tel.: +48 694 487 332

e-mail: info@innokrea.com