Sales management system of a small and medium sized company

CRM system

The system implemented, among others, within the framework of tools for heating enterprises and in the individual version for companies. A light, intuitive, web browser-based tool for small and medium-sized enterprises that allows for effective work of sellers in the field and office.

The greatest advantage of the solution is the extraordinary usability (adjusted on the basis of many years of experience in sales management) and its availability from Internet browser for any mobile devices and desktops / laptops.

Customer relationship management

Basic CRM modules / functionalities:

  • Customer’s information
  • Actions and Notes
  • Sales leads and offers
  • Records of contracts
  • Personal data management
  • Reports

Customer’s information is a CRM module that allows you to add new clients to the system, view existing ones, search for clients and objects (eg actions or notes). On the client card, it is possible to preview history of any contacts with the client.

In the “Actions and Notes” section, the user has access to all activities (eg phone calls, meetings) registered for a given client. Both scheduled and closed (performed) activities are displayed. In terms of planned activities – directly from the card, we can plan, for example, another phone call or a meeting.

In the sales process it is possible to register in the system sales opportunities (leads), i.e. commercial activities related to a specific customer.

The “Contract records” tab presents the scope of information that can be stored in the system in the area of concluded agreements with clients (and annexes). The system allows for effective management of personal data and stored consents to the processing of personal data, marketing approvals and other consents that are compliant with the latest law guidelines. In the system, due to the collection of data, it is possible to prepare reports, eg.:

  • customer report,
  • sales efficiency report (eg number of contracts concluded per adviser – in monthly, quarterly or annual terms, sales funnel),
  • and others (e.g., created on request).
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