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All manufacturers of educational robots popular on the market offer their own environments for programming robots, however, these environments are dedicated to a given type and version of the hardware platform and do not offer the unification of the language and programming environment even within products of one product line.

The challenge of the project was to create a universal graphic, intuitive programming environment, which is an important element in popularizing the learning of programming with the use of robots, significantly facilitating or even enabling an effective teaching process in school conditions.



In cooperation with RoboApp, we have developed a Universal graphic environment for programming educational robots, providing a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and a programming language that allows you to program robots built on different hardware platforms without knowing complex syntax and semantics. 

By definition, all program elements (e.g. loops, conditional instructions) and robot objects (sensors, actuators) are available in the form of a graphic representation. The set of available controls depends on the specific hardware platform. The simplicity of the language and the environment enables the effective programming of robots without knowing the technical intricacies of a given robotic platform and without the need to understand advanced concepts related to the specifics of real-time control. 

The environment enables the programming of educational robots from the most popular hardware platforms, including LEGO (WeDo and EV3) and robots from the mBot series.


Business effect

Thanks to cooperation with Innokrea, RoboApp has created a modern educational product intended for implementation in schools and educational institutions around the world.
“INNOKREA is a well-coordinated team of specialists. I admire their creativity, speed and innovation. This team brings much more to the project than just good code. They identify with their clients and their challenges with passion.”

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