Shabodi and INNOKREA Partner to Raise the Bar for Telehealth Reliability

Shabodi Case Study

Shabodi unleashes the power of Advanced Networks (LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi6, 6G). Its groundbreaking market-first Application Enablement Platform (AEP) enables enterprises, system integrators, and application vendors to build vendor-agnostic network-aware applications leveraging the network APIs.

In a ground-breaking collaboration, Shabodi, the network-aware application enabler, has joined forces with INNOKREA, a specialist in solving challenging IT deployments, to enable seamless telehealth with “Network-Aware Surgery.” Built on the Shabodi Application Enablement Platform, it is a network-aware application that enhances remote doctor mentoring during surgical procedures.

A New Approach to Telehealth and Remote Surgery

Telehealth is the new normal, especially in the post-COVID world, with its usage having grown almost 40 times in the last three years. The traditional boundaries in healthcare are coming down with remote care, expert medical attention, and even remote surgery.

However, as a mission-critical sector, healthcare, especially telehealth, needs highly reliable network resources. Traditionally, hospitals’ networks are segmented but still operate on a best-effort basis. This means that all applications, irrespective of urgency or use case, utilize the network as an ordinary communication pipe. The approach has limitations as applications are not network-aware and don’t prioritize communication and connectivity based on the application use case. In mission-critical healthcare scenarios, such as surgeries, this approach leads to delays and inefficiencies and can even be life-threatening.

That’s where Shabodi and INNOKREA come in.

Network-Aware Surgery Application: How It Works?

The collaboration leverages Shabodi’s Application Enablement Platform (AEP) with INNOKREA’s specialized IT solutions to ensure flawless communication during surgeries. 

Here’s how it unfolds:

  1. Scheduling the Surgery: INNOKREA’s Calendar Application schedules a surgery, invoking Shabodi’s AEP to guarantee the necessary network resources for remote mentoring from medical experts to surgeons live during the surgery.
  2. Before the Surgery: The video stream operates at the best effort, using the network like any other application.
  3. During the Surgery: Shabodi AEP reallocates network resources to ensure appropriate Quality of Service (QoS) parameters. This guarantees real-time interactions, flawless communication, and buffer-free mentoring from a remote expert to the surgeon.
  4. After the Surgery: Shabodi’s AEP restores the network to “best effort mode,” returning the original settings to the operating room.

Ultimately, this process enables a stable video connection throughout the surgery, allowing for uninterrupted remote mentoring, a vital aspect of modern surgical practices.

Transforming Healthcare Together with Network-Aware Applications

With the Network-Aware Surgery Application, Shabodi and INNOKREA are setting a new standard in healthcare. Their innovative approach enhances the efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness of remote surgical mentoring, leveraging the potential of network-aware applications and advanced networks for life-saving scenarios.

Telehealth is no longer just a concept; it’s a reality reshaping the medical field. And thanks to collaborations like these, patients and medical professionals can look forward to a future where technology serves them in ways previously unimagined.

More about Shabodi AEP you will find here.

Please contact us to know more about how our partnership can empower your advanced network for previously under-served, mission-critical use cases.

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