Digital Signature is a technology start-up dealing with the development and implementation of modern biometric solutions



Digital Signature is a technology company that develops biometric solutions. One of them is a biometric pen which, using advanced electronics, collects various characteristics that allow for the unambiguous identification of the user’s signature. Digital Signature was looking for a business partner who would support the company in implementing the prototype of the indicated device.


Innokrea analyzed the source code of the prototype solution and proposed to write a demonstration solution that allows signing the contract in electronic form using a tablet and the biometric pen in question.
As part of the project, many tests of various devices were carried out, a dedicated mobile application in JAVA technology was written and many additional engineering problems resulting from the interface between hardware and software were solved.


The prepared prototype allowed the Digital Signature company to present the prototype of the biometric pen in a real business application, meeting the expectations of the recipients of the technology.

"Nothing is impossible for the INNOKREA Team. They are happy to undertake difficult and innovative projects. Particularly valuable is the consistency with which INNOKREA strived to create a "tailor-made" solution that perfectly matched our business strategy."
Katarzyna Michalak-Magda
President of the Management Board, Digital Signature Sp. z o.o.

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