Innovative and easy-to-use WFM-class solution – platform

SEC Serwis sp. z.o.o. is a company supporting the operation of district heating system in Szczecin city.

SEC Serwis was looking for a WFM-class solution (Work Force Management). In cooperation with other companies in the IT industry – BILANDER, GLOBEMA and P211 – as well as the Polish Heat Industry Chamber of Commerce, we have created a Cieplo.IT platform, under which we have such a system.

Innovative IT Platform

The key idea of Ciepo.IT portal is that the district heating company receives access to a range of branch functions and specialist applications as part of an internet browser.

The platform consists in general of:

  • tools for data analytics (having access to data, you can create your own reports) – among them regulatory reporting, financial, other,
  • a number of applications dedicated to solving specific company issues, eg. a CRM system, a system for work force management, an auction system, an application for gamification, an investment project management tool, GIS, and others.

Innokrea served the role of the integrator of solutions in the venture. We were responsible for the pilot implementation of the work force management system, under which:

  • an application environment in the cloud was prepared,
  • user training was carried out,
  • the heat distribution locations were imported to the system,
  • simulations of SEC Serwis brigades’ work were carried out.
Planning for implementation
Heating platform

Thanks to the implementation of this solution, SEC Serwis sp. z.o.o. has gained an innovative and easy to use tool – in one place, financial, technical and planning data are collected, which greatly facilitates daily work.

SEC Serwis appreciated both our product and the cooperation itself, which was timely and with due diligence.


We value cooperation with INNOKREA. The company perfectly understands business needs, which translates into effective IT implementations that bring tangible benefits to enterprises.

Bilander Group Sp z o.o.

INNOKREA is a solid business partner. They listen to the needs, promise to deliver in the agreed scope and deliver what they promised.

Grupa p211 Sp. z o.o.


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