Implementation of a dedicated auction platform for wholesale company (sanitary branch)

FEMAX is a wholesaler which owns stores with sanitary & bathroom equipment – it has 13 stores and employs over 140 employees.

In this industry, a frequent challenge is managing products from the outlet or products withdrawn from the manufacturer’s offer – goods that occupy warehouses without purpose: fully functional and valuable, however, generating additional costs of storage or utilization in the company.

Cooperation with Femax platform

As a response to the business needs of FEMAX, we have implemented a dedicated auction platform – by doing so, they have obtained a new sales channel for business customers through which it is possible to effectively sell unnecessary products that cannot be sold by other methods.

Using our platform, FEMAX has achieved a significant reduction in the cost of storage and disposal of goods stored in the warehouses, as well as satisfaction of customers who have gained the opportunity to purchase full-value products on preferential terms.

Both FEMAX and its customers appreciate the auction system as a solution distinguished by practicality and refined functionality, enabling, among others, intuitive and simple to use shopping and easy listing of items for sale.


The auction system developed by INNOKREA sp. z.o.o. is distinguished by practicality and well-implemented functionality, enabling, among others, intuitive and simple to use shopping and easy listing of new items on auctions. Customers of FEMAX Sp. z o.o. Sp.K. reacted positively to the new tool.

Implementation and support services provided by INNOKREA sp. z.o.o. are performed with above-average quality, in a professional, careful and reliable manner. The response period for submitted applications is short.

FEMAX Sp. z o.o. Sp.K.


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