A platform for the sale of office equipment in banking

One of our clients is an international corporation from the financial sector, which has about 700 branches around the world.

In such a large institution, the challenge was the sale of office equipment for employees – the entire procedure had to be carried out in an open manner and in compliance with the rules. In this case, the use of our auction platform helped to ensure maximum transparency of the sale, thanks to which the company was secured from audits’ perspective.

Sale of office equipment

Our system facilitated the client’s trouble-free sell-out of used equipment (including laptops, monitors, furniture) to its employees on preferential terms, thereby gaining their commitment, loyalty and motivating to look after their work tools in the future. This solution was accepted by employees extremely positively – they treated the purchases as a benefit and as an additional motivating factor.

The financial aspect was definitely important in this case – the customer was satisfied with the fact that he gained on used items instead of spending money on their utilization or storage.


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