Helpdesk IT

For effective business, it is extremely important to have an efficient IT infrastructure. Each incident connected with it adversely affects the company’s operations. As part of our offer, we propose to implement a specialized IT Helpdesk for your company.

The main goal of the Helpdesk is to minimize costs related to IT support, shorten the downtime of the application’s operation, forecast and budget the changes of hardware and optimize the infrastructure’s modernization.

As part of our Helpdesk IT offer, we undertake the following challenges:
  • Ensuring good quality IT services – effective incidents repair and service requests measured by end-user satisfaction.
  • Cost-effectiveness of IT support – no need to employ many subject matter experts, access to specialists “for hours”.
  • A full range of IT services for a growing company – we make sure that users have access to smoothly running applications, hardware and computers. We will flexibly adjust and expand the scope of our services along with the development of your company.
  • Effective development of IT functions – we coordinate projects and implement new solutions in the company.
To achieve these goals, we propose the implementation of IT service model in the framework of our cooperation, under which we will provide:
  1. Helpdesk (first support line operating on business days from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm) – users can submit their requests, incidents and / or questions via email and / or a dedicated telephone. The servicer registers the application, prioritize it and assigns the specialist to perform the task.
  2. II support line – IT specialists after receiving the task proceed remotely to fix errors, configuration (e.g. mailbox, computer network) and / or work involving the preparation of new equipment. An important element of this support line is also the coordination of contracts with subcontractors who will provide dedicated IT tools for your company (e.g. CRM, Workflow, etc.).
  3. III support line – understood as external suppliers of all other IT services (including, for example, infrastructure / hosting, applications). We will take care, among others for these external companies to fix errors in their applications at agreed service levels.
Our specialists help remotely and at the client’s place in solving problems concerning, among others:
  • IT infrastructure,
  • Operating and back office systems,
  • Business applications,
  • Printing devices,
  • Network and internet,
  • Email services.
Our Helpdesk also helps in the implementation of IT development projects. As part of the cooperation, we will evaluate, coordinate and implement agreed IT development projects (e.g. new website, launch of a new branch, new CRM application, etc.).


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