Web applications to order

INNOKREA specializes in creating web applications (run on any browsers). One of the most interesting projects was cooperation with the GrywIT company when building a gamification system. The demo game is available at: https://www.grywit.pl/#darmowe-demo-gry

In the process of creating dedicated applications, we help optimize the business process, we create graphical user interface designs and adapt the solution in terms of optimal use. The aim of this process is to increase customer satisfaction due to appropriate functionality and usability. Our solutions are easy to use and provide the user with a “pleasant” experience with the system.

We provide our clients with the business value they receive along with the implemented solution. We know that technologies are not as important as long as the business goal is achieved in the assumed time and financial regime. We suggest to our clients that it is worth investing in technologies that are relatively cheap to maintain and do not bind the customer financially (technically) with “expensive suppliers”. That’s why we feel best at working with technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, TypeScript, Angular, AngularJS, React, VueJS, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, Material Design, Webpack, Gulp, Django, Python, WordPress, NodeJS, Java, Hibernate, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RESTful, SOAP, C++/C#, and others.


Innokrea Sp. z o.o.

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